Thank you for coming to view your proofs. We do our best to shoot everyone at horse trials.

There is a fee to view proofs, $20 per show for each horse/rider combination, $50 for the season for each horse/rider combination and $300 for a rider and all their horses for the season.

All the shows I am currently scheduled for are listed in the 2019 gallery.

In addition to releasing your images for viewing, your proofing fee will also give you a credit of $10 with the per show fee, $25 with the per season fee and $150 with the per rider fee.

Annual subscriptions will be found in both the corresponding show gallery and for easy locating, in the Annual Licenses gallery.
To release your proofs fill out the subscription form. When I receive your subscription I will unlock your gallery, and send you an e-mail with your custom credit code.

To use the code, simply copy and paste into the COUPON CODE box at checkout. The discount will be applied on the final page in your total.
A list of my current products and prices can be found here.
* 002 - Caroline Teich, Kingslayer* 004 - Lizzy Jahnke, Snow Leopard* 005 - Phillip Dutton, MK's Concord Dawn* 007 - Emma Lomangino, Riot Act* 011 - Alyssa Phillips, Oskar* 015 - Alex Conrad, Don't Tell The Preacher* 017 - Caitlyn Ruud, UP TO YOU DE LORAGE* 024 - Abigail Niles, Carrick Finest Lad003 - Boyd Martin, Maya006 - Sharon White, Fernhill Super Hero008 - Abby Dubrawski, Cobble Creek009 - Mikaela Kantorowski, Ringfort Swan Song010 - Allison Smith, Gude Affair012 - Boyd Martin, Carlsburg013 - Erin Deyo, FE Spellbound014 - Elizabeth Aboody, Sportsfield Monsieur016 - Emily E. Lehman, Martial Arts018 - Jennie Brannigan, Luna019 - Annie Goodwin, Mettraise020 - Courtney Swartz, My Son MJ022 - Boyd Martin, Ringo Star023 - Ashlyn Dorsey, Stakkato II