I have changed my proofing system this year to give priority to those of you who are truly interested in photos. I will still continue to shoot everyone.

There is now a fee to view your proofs, $20 per show for each horse/rider combination, $50 for the season for each horse/rider combination and $300 for a rider and all their horses for the season. All the shows I am currently scheduled for are listed in the 2014 gallery.

In addition to releasing your images for viewing, your proofing fee will also give you a credit of $10 with the per show fee, $25 with the per season fee and $150 with the per rider fee. Annual subscriptions will be found in both the corresponding show gallery and for ease of finding, in the Annual Licenses gallery.

To release your proofs, CHOOSE YOUR SUBSCRIPTION LEVEL HERE. When I receive your subscription I will unlock your gallery, and send you an e-mail with your custom credit code.

To use the code, simply copy and paste into the COUPON CODE box at checkout. The discount will be applied on the final page in your total.

A list of my current products and prices can be found HERE.

Thank you.

* 108 - Karen Elbert,  Patrick Henry* 119 - Judy Bull,  Manos de Piedra* 126 - Kim Coleman,  Fagedaboudit Pal* 127 - Stephanie Montero-Beit, Bunny* 128 - Kristie Wells,  Temple* 147 - Emma Thomas,  No Option* 148 - Kelly Diemand, Krikkit* 149 - Christine Adair,   Isabella II** 093 - Jackie Greene Molina, Lexx** 102 - Erika Nesler,  No Doubt DSF** 107 - Courtney Cooper,  Believe In The Stars** 121 - Courtney Cooper, Vendi Spring** 138 - Courtney Cooper,  Valley Of Knowledge** 144 - Elizabeth Posillico,  Cork Blues094 - Julia Jenkins,  Vamos A Ver095 - Carey Williams,  Skip Point096 - Arielle Aharoni,   Supernova097 - Kristin Schmolze, Ricardo's Whistle & Pop098 - Laura VanderVliet, Marcus100 - Megan Pappler, Cat101 - Wendy Lewis,  Liquid Force103 - Stacia Camelli,  Jimmy Buffett104 - Clarissa Wilmerding, Swan's Cyrus105 - Laura Fazio, Young Lad106 - Christine Pitcairn, Cabernet109 - Heather Gillette,  Call the Sheriff110 - Nilson Moreira da Silva, Framboise111 - Susie Beale,  Bijou D'Amour112 - Christy Pellegrino,  Stornoway Bay113 - Jennie Brannigan,  Ideally114 - Wendy Lewis, Fiona115 - Hillary Moses,  Irish Turn116 - Brigitte Aickelin,  Evening Melody117 - Kim Russell,  Alpengeist118 - Stacey Driscoll,  C'est La Vie120122 - Laura VanderVliet,  Edana123 - Jacob Butler,  With A Punch124 - Jennifer Nunn,  Unwritten125 - Jennie Brannigan,  Chorale129 - Brandi Williams,  Top Of The Pops130 - J. Ashley Bruder,  Herbie the love bug131 - Lisa Santy,  Smoke King132 - Rachael Brink,  Half Blood Prince133 - Ava Reverendo,  Badlands Billy134 - Alexa Gartenberg,  Mister Mowgli135 - Allison Bierly, Irish Red136 - Paige Hurley,  Herculon137 - Jennie Brannigan,  Twilightslastgleam139 - Jenny Morris,  Laugh Out Loud140 - Ashley Bruder, Social Misfit141 - Claire Solomon,  Digby142 - Sara Calverley,  Jomanji145 - Lyra Burns, No Guts No Glory146 - Nina Brady, Hurricane Hill151 - Mary Kate Grubbs, Whinn of Narnia152 - Jennie Brannigan,  Mixed Blessing