• Thank you for coming to view your proofs. We do our best to shoot everyone at horse trials.
• There is a fee to view proofs, $20 per show for each horse/rider combination, $50 for the season for each horse/rider combination and $300 for a rider and all their horses for the season.
• All the shows I am currently scheduled for are listed in the 2022 gallery.
• In addition to releasing your images for viewing, your proofing fee will also give you a credit of $10 with the per show fee, $25 with the per season fee and $150 with the per rider fee.
• Annual subscriptions will be found in both the corresponding show gallery and for easy locating, in the Annual Licenses gallery.
• To release your proofs fill out the subscription form. When I receive your subscription I will unlock your gallery, and send you an e-mail with your custom credit code.
• To use the code, simply copy and paste into the COUPON CODE box at checkout. The discount will be applied on the final page in your total.

Thank you,
- Amy
* 50 Mell Boucher - Junior* 56 Eva Yunk - Solo* 119 Ricardo Rocha - Smaug* 158 William Slater - Sir Wallace* 161 William Slater - Chewy* 184 Emma Desmond - Coordinate* 186 Aimee Carson - Bertie Le Belge* 199 Nicole Scherrer - Set Out** 09 - Audrey Sims - Southern Drifter** 57 Gabby Ward - Hatian Queen** 98 - Allie Billings, All Things Nice** 164 Courtney Cooper - Junior** 175 Courtney Cooper - James** 198 Courtney Cooper - Colin** 200 Ashley Taylor - Excel Star Opportunity** 294 - Janine Malseed, Cooley Jet Set**23 Katie Dougherty - Heza Pretty Zippo**32 Rylie Nelson - Harvest Moon**152 Madeline Chantler - Duke of Waymore**197 Madison Barnett - Green Park**235 Lillian Huey - Zodiac Matador**239 Stacy Iacono - Sunshine Dandy**282 Keira O'Connor-Reichert - Adrenaline Rush**296 Annabelle Kress - Canny Calypso**297 Rachel Kreiser - B. E. Trinity07 Mallory Distler - Quality Addiction12 Lucinda Donaldson - Rocketman18 Mallory Distler - Quality Start20 Erica Rizzo - Ana21 Ella Enochs - Ruby25 Amy Faison - Mettraise28 Claudia Geczy - Truthful Saint31 Susie Beale - Accordingly34 Sarah McCloy Gallagher - Inky36 David Goodall - Twiggy40 Dawn Nelson - Big Bad Shack41 Elsie Boehmler - Chip42 David Goodall - Batdad43 Kody Brandsema - Shanbally Pablo47 Emilie Harrison - Oops a Daisy49 Sarah McCloy Gallagher - Harry59 Haley Talarowski - Forrest65 Juli Sebring - Davos73 Karen Schlingmann - Bird86 Kelsey Ann Quinn - Dandy Longlegs93 Lea Purcell - Ham Sandwich99 Alexandra Peterson - Gaya105 Erin Kanara - Unknown106 Lilah Stapf - My Man Thirsty110 Mary Robinson - Justforthehalibut115 Whitney Stevens - Kenny116 Valerie Pride - Excel Star Tiny Dancer117 Taylor Robingd - Underlights118 Samantha Schwartz - Paulito120 Robyn Weaver - Lawyers in Love121 Samantha Schwartz - Willard122  Melanie Schaefer - Frankie144 Rebecca Turner - Five of Diamonds147 Remy Winants - Where's Oliver148 Elizabeth Welker-Ebling - Santana II151 Alison Chubb - Clove154 Ricardo Rocha - Roo155 Macie Brock - Andi156 Fylicia Barr - Rylee's Rooster157 Leah Beattie - Kayla the Magical Unicom163 Erin Beattie - Palmetto Lion168 Sally Cousins - Owen170 Ashley Norris - Unknown174 Sally Cousins - Olaf176 Christen Ireland - Eric177 Corinda Crowther - Bentley178 Sophie Middlebrook - Monbeg Odyssey179 Conner Ann Clark - Chance180 Kerri Nitzenberger - LJ181 Christen Ireland - Maple's Mischief182 Ashley Norris - Sorrel185 Mary D'Alonzo - B.E. Cruiseland187 Nicole Scherrer - Bold Tiger188 Sally Cousins - Kitty192 Christen Ireland - Plumes194 Sophie Middlebrook - Bonhunt Bertie195 Kerri Nitzenberger - Frieda196 Geneva Auckett-Stowe - BE Bankwood Boy243 Alyssa Jastrani - King245 Lillian Kager - Game On246 Triana Karl - Beaker247 Sofia Kletjian - Luna248 Lily Kratz - Hand in Hand284 Cassie Plumb - Poppy291 Buddy Martin - Tadhg293 Gregory Newell - BE Victory Dance351352353354CandidsRescue Dogs