OCTOBER SURPRISE - All Treat, No Trick

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• Thank you for coming to view your proofs. We do our best to shoot everyone at horse trials.
• There is a fee to view proofs, $20 per show for each horse/rider combination, $50 for the season for each horse/rider combination and $300 for a rider and all their horses for the season.
• All the shows I am currently scheduled for are listed in the 2021 gallery.
• In addition to releasing your images for viewing, your proofing fee will also give you a credit of $10 with the per show fee, $25 with the per season fee and $150 with the per rider fee.
• Annual subscriptions will be found in both the corresponding show gallery and for easy locating, in the Annual Licenses gallery.
• To release your proofs fill out the subscription form. When I receive your subscription I will unlock your gallery, and send you an e-mail with your custom credit code.
• To use the code, simply copy and paste into the COUPON CODE box at checkout. The discount will be applied on the final page in your total.
• A list of my current products and prices can be found here.

Thank you,
- Amy
* 142 - Alison Chubb, Delphina SCS* 145 - Robyn Weaver, Gershwin* 186 - Kelsey Hamilton, Eyes of the World* 187 - Karen Monks Reilly, Rockafella* 189 - Zoe Lobach, Fake Start* 190 - Adrianna Moyer, Backgammon* 196 - Emily Donaldson, Beaujolais 75** 143 - Geneva Auckett-Stowe, B.E. Bankwood Boy** 146 - Sophia Middlebrook, Leo Distinction** 149 - Kerri Nitzenberger, Norman** 168 - Lisa Skala, Forthcommons Cool Boy** 169 - Josie Buller, Zanzibar** 170 - Sydney Shinn, Nyconn Cat** 171 - Karen Schlingmann, Northern Bella** 176 - Grace Starrett, Ruby Tuesday** 184 - Hannah Fisher, Ethan** 232 - Brooke Wren, WS Hunts Bay** 244 - Hannah Sue Burnett, Capitol HIM085 - Sophia Middlebrook, Ronaldo121 - Julia Strawbridge, The Optimist144 - Julia Strawbridge, Carmella148 - Elizabeth Welker-Ebling, Santana II152 - Kerri Nitzenberger, Hero153 - Kelly Corcoran, Hurricane Hill163 - Gwyneth Bohara, FMR Eclipse165 - Julia Strawbridge, Balmoral Oakey166 - Sydney Solomon, Early Review167 - Mary Blauner, Leo172 - David Goodall, Batdad173 - Alyssa Coutley, King174 - Cynthia Sansone, Accordingly175 - Jack Curtis, Playmate III177 - Megan Doran, Disco Elvis179 - Joan Farwell, Chester County180 - Missy Ransehousen, Moonie181 - Anna Fedak, Quiero Bourbon182 - Debra Lortie, Excel Star Midas Touch183 - Holly Morey, B.E. Never Say Never185 - Anna Fortier, Star Glitter188191192 - Sarah Meek, Cause I Can193 - Michelle McAdam, Epic Moment194 - Ray Coutley, Colenormer195 - Colette Leber, Cats Alley197 - Pari Nurrish, Smartie198199 - Sophia Fedak, BE Mansfield Park222 - Dana Lortie, Excel Star Kerrygold223228 - Molly Kinnamon, Bridget229 - Nancy Bickings, Doctor Dinero231233 - Emily Hamel, Corvett234 - Abby Harper, McKinley235 - Donna Hollinshead, Silverstein CR237 - Susie Beale, Max238 - Christen Ireland, Oscar239 - Kathy Healy, Leap240 - Arezo Ghahremani, Calibe241 - Sam Curtis, Blyths Centurion FE242 - Hannah Sue Burnett, Stakkato Bronx245 - Whitney Stevens, Lola246 -247 - Christen Ireland, Mick's Lad248 - Dean Richardson, Cadiz 1249 - Shallon Sprague, Phantom of Rohan250 - Hannah Sue Burnett, Harbour Pilot290 - Jack Curtis, Luska Candy Clover293 - Carol Smith, Smarty Rabbit299 - Hannah Sue Burnett, CarsonstownCANDID