We will be on hand to photograph the competition, and due to the size of the show, we will be working by request so please let us know if you would like your rides photographed. Our shooting fee is $20.00 per horse & rider for the show. 

Due to the size and scope of this show we will only be shooting paid sign ups.

 We have a number of show specials this year -

1. 5x7" Spiral Bound Proof Book of 20 Images of Your Choice (Shooting Fee Included if Pre-Ordered) - $145 (Regular Price $225)

5x7 Proof Book5x7 Proof Book

2. All Images of One Horse/Rider for Personal Use (Digital Download, Shooting Fee Included If Pre-Ordered) - $175 (Regular Price $225)

3. Three Image Panoramic Print 8"x20" (Images of Your Choice, Shooting Fee Included if Pre-Ordered) - $75 (Regular Price $90)

We will do our best to cover all your classes. Priority is given to performance over equitation.

Of course you may stop by our booth at the show and fill out our sign-up sheet. While we try to shoot as many of your rides as possible, schedule permitting, we cannot guarantee to shoot all of them, therefore paid sign ups will have priority in our scheduling, and again please let us know if there is something specific you would like us to shoot. 

Once the images have been processed and uploaded to our website you will receive an email with the link to your gallery. 

Thank you

Amy Dragoo